Atlantic Collection by Gandía-Blasco



By José A. Gandía-Blasco

The Atlantic Collection is manufactured with a new technological material, 100% recyclable and exclusive of Gandia Blasco. This material,“NOWOOD”, mixes natural and plastic fibres to make a product that combines the best properties of both. The particular blend of these materials gives the product a warm texture similar to wood and guarantees a long life cycle. Extremely durable, it can be used both in damp conditions and outdoor areas all while maintaining its excellent properties.

Made of anodized aluminium or thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles and NOWOOD. Available colors: anodized, white and bronze.

Offered in a variety of pieces: chaise lounge, chaise lounge table, chair, armchair, sofa and modular sofas, poufs, high and low tables, benches and high and low stools.