Horwath HTL Industry Report: The Complexities of Delivering Transformational Travel Experiences

June 2018
by Andrew Cohan

According to one industry expert, “transformative travel takes place when experiential travel goes a step further and expands the mind, shifts perspective, pushes boundaries of one’s comfort zones and creates cultural understanding”.

Purpose-driven Hotels are Best Suited to Offer Transformational Experiences. The semantics have been evolving, and rightly so. Once resorts and hotels began to provide authenticity and a sense of place, the space was created for guests to enhance their ‘stays’ and refer to their stays as experiences.

With farm-to-table menus featuring seasonal and regional cuisine, excursions designed to allow one to see the destination ‘like a local’, residential (rather than institutional) architecture and interior design that subliminally makes travellers feel more ‘at home’, the service provided to guests gradually extended from ‘accommodation’ to experiential travel.

This evolution was described in a couple of paragraphs but should not be minimized. As new hotels and resorts can attest, the food and beverage positioning, in addition to wellness programming and cultural sampling activities, have all made the hotel and resort development process more complex and challenging.

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