Galapagos Safari Camp | Eco-Luxury Tented Camp



Is a new way of exploring the Galapagos archipelago. The first eco-luxury tented camp in Ecuador follows the african safari tradition in which guests enjoy total comfort in their tents while experiencing natura in its purest form.

The camp is set on a ridge in the highlands of santa cruz Island, overlooking the National Park and offering magnificent views over the Pacific Ocean & the western & nothern islands, including Isabela, Santiago, Pinzón, Baltra, rabida, Guy Fawkes & Daphne.

It is the last farm before the National Park in the Santa Rosa area, conveniently located between Puerto Ayora, the island's capital, and the Itabaca Channel by the airport (25 km from each). The farm is situated in the "transition zone" at an altitude of 480 metres above sea level and close to the park's tortoise reserve.

The stylish central lodge is perched on a hill with panoramic views and a spacious veranda. Its open plan interior draws the eye to the islands scatered on the horizon, offering a lounge for relaxation with a cosy fireplace, an honour bar and a dining room where a creative chef makes a selection of both local and international dishes.

The intimate natura of Galapagos Safari Camp is enhaced by its nine tents located closely below the central lodge. They are comfortable, spacious and elegantly furnished; their en-suite bathrooms offer hot showers and flush toilets. All tents have a large balcony with enchanting views.


Galapagos Safari Camp
Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador
T.: +593 (0) 91794259 | +593 (0) 93717552
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